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UK Technology for Agriculture and Genetics (UK TAG) is established as a subsidiary of the British Pig Association.

UK TAG offers support to all agri-technology companies including:-

  • Livestock production and breeding for : Beef and dairy cattle, goats, pigs and sheep.Feeding, housing, management, health,

  • Welfare, traceability, welfare protection, veterinary supplies, meat production and distribution, and also consultancy

  • Education and Training

  • Agricultural Machinery and technology

  • Plant breeding, genetics and genomics for field crops

  • R&D appropriate to sector

UK TAG will assist all Companies in the Agri sector with their endeavours to establish themselves in the export market. The UK TAG program will offer those companies support to attend events , such as  trade shows and missions in China.

UK TAG's aim is to encourage Uk Business to significantly improve the Chinese agricultural industries by encouraging investment in high end genetics along with technology to maximize benefits and improvements.



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